Your Own Beautiful, Affordable, Results-Focused Website –  Done for you in 6-8 Weeks

Do you want a website that is specially designed to target and build a list of your most ideal clients?

Would you like a website that looks wonderful, yet is effective at getting the right message to your clients so they contact you first?

Not just a plain website, but a website that serves and helps establish and grow your business.

When it comes to websites, there are a few options available:


OPTION 1: Do It Yourself – Online Website Builders

Team: It’s just you

Platform: Online website builders

Who is this for?: First timers, personal blogger sites, those taking their first steps in building a website 

Pros: Quick Setup, Affordable, Relatively easy to use

Cons: Generic templates, lack of customization, lack of SEO functionality, can look unprofessional


Time Cost: This can take days or weeks, need to spend your personal time on this

Financial Cost: The cost of your personal time

OPTION 2: Do It Yourself – Wordpress

Team: It’s just you

Platform: WordPress

Who is this for?: For those who have time and are interested in learning WordPress, tech savvy individuals

Pros: A more professional design than the free option, affordable

Cons: Requires time which could have been spent elsewhere, very generic templates, lack of customization, lack of SEO functionality

Time Cost: This can take weeks or months if you’re a beginner

Financial Cost: ~ £100

OPTION 3: Hire A Web Developer/Small Agency

Team: Local Web Developer/Small Agency

Platform: WordPress, Joomla

Who is this for?: For those who know a reliable web developer, although they may need to spend time managing the project if it’s a one man team.  Can hire a small agency if you have a higher budget. 

Site Specification: 5-10 pages, 2-3 revisions

Pros: Usually a more professional design than DIY options, agencies can produce a higher quality but normally much higher cost too

Cons: No marketing focus.  You may get inconsistent quality with solo web developers.  There are higher costs related to agencies. 

Time Cost: Projects may take 8 weeks+

Financial Cost: Approx 3k – 9k

Do these options leave you confused about where to start?  My team and I can help you with a Beautiful, Well-Designed Website with a Great Marketing Strategy.

Let’s face it, your website is one of your greatest assets for your business.  It shows what you and your business are presenting to the world.

Aneesh and his team will help you create a website that:

  Is Professionally Designed.  
  Reflects Your Personality, Brand & Values
  Is Ready to Build Your List of Clients
Is Easy to Make Changes & Additions to Text, Images, Videos.  Add pages and blog posts yourself without the need of a web developer
  Uses One of the World’s Best WordPress Framework Systems Available

We’re committed to helping you build a website that is not just good looking but is designed to get real results.


I’ve really enjoyed working with Aneesh on our revamped website.  He is considerate and goes the extra mile.  He takes pride in the quality of his work.  He takes the time to understand the needs of the client.  I would definitely work with him again.

Khyati Kapai

CEO/Founder, Yzer Solutions


With so many web developers out there, what’s different about the way we work? What makes us special?

We’re Specialists

We’re focused on Coaches, Consultants and Service Providers just like you!  We’ve specialised in providing web design services for a number of years.  We understand your business and what goals you’re trying to achieve.  We know what works and what doesn’t.  You’ll feel confident that your website will be working for you to get more clients.

Professional Quality Websites At An Affordable Price

Professional quality websites at affordable prices. We understand that there are many expenses when you’re trying to get your business up and running, so we’ve tried to keep our costs as low and competitive as possible.  Brand new websites from other developers can cost anywhere from 3k-9k, which might not even include all the extras.

Authentic, Beautiful Design Which Reflects Your Personality

We believe your website should carefully fit around your unique personality and brand values.  It’s also important that we ensure that your site is optimised to attract potential clients and is results focussed.  It’s a balance we understand.  We’re unique because we’re bring the tech, marketing and design knowledge – the ultimate ‘all-in-one’ service.

Faster Delivery – Your Brand New Website in 6-8 Weeks

We understand that you need your website to be set up as quickly as possible without compromising on design.  We know you need to begin marketing and attracting clients asap.  Some companies can take months to get your new website up.  We’ve managed to create systems around our processes so you can potentially have your website ready much more quickly.


Marketing Know-how


Visual Design


Technical Ability


Business Strategy

Ready Made Website Copy

In our relentless effort to do all the heavy lifting for your marketing needs, we’ll even provide you with ready-made copywriting for the main pages of your site.

You’ll get your content done much quicker, and all you need to do is fill-in the blanks to add your personality (or you can edit whatever text you feel necessary).

This could literally save you weeks or months of your time and energy worrying about where to start and what to write.


Full Payment (best offer): £2,497
4 Monthly Payments of: £697




What’s Included:


A Premium Quality, Professionally Designed Website built on WordPress (with up to 9 pages)


Fully Responsive Design – works great on mobile, tablet, laptop computers


Integration of an email marketing system to your website (currently supporting most popular email marketing systems)


Setting up Google Analytics so you can measure traffic to your site


Tutorial on how to manage your site and easily make updates (video or 1:1)


3 Months Technical Support via Email


Full Payment (best offer): £2,497
4 Monthly Payments of: £697


Step 1: Choose Your Homepage Layout Style
Not sure what your homepage should look like? We’ve made it much easier for you. Just choose from our selection of homepage layout styles. We’ll give you help if you need it.

Step 2: The Design Process Begins

We’ll provide you with a questionnaire where we’ll understand what kind of look and feel you prefer. Provide us with photos of yourself to be used, logos (if you have one), and any additional images you have.

Step 3: Logins Details

Send us your login details for your web hosting company (e.g. bluehost), domain name (e.g and email marketing system (e.g mailchimp).

Step 4: Website Content

Use our pre-made website copy to create your content for your site. If you have any blog posts (up to 5 posts) we’ll add them to your site.

Step 5: Build Process

Next, we’ll begin building your website. We’ll use our high converting templates that we’ve created to build your site. This should take approx 4 weeks once we’ve received your website content. Once we’ve created your site, you can review it and get back to us with any modifications (you get 3 revisions). Then we’ll make your site live.

Step 6: Training on How to Manage your Site

We want you to be able to easily update your site, and our sites are made to be easy to maintain. We’ll give you a tutorial to show you exactly how to manage your site.

Remember we also give you 3 months technical support (via email) in case you have any further questions.

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