What’s inside:

  • Step 1: The Benefits of Creating Content
  • Step 2: Finding Your Heart’s Content
  • Step 3: Choosing the Right Type of Content for You
  • Step 4: Scheduling Daily Habits for Creating Content
  • Step 5: Sharing Your Content Widely
  • The Conclusion

Are you a coach, consultant, teacher or solo service provider?  Do provide a service or sell a product and don’t know where to start when it comes to marketing?  If so, why not try a more joyful and authentic approach to marketing.  This article will show you where to invest your time better in the long run and how to become a better content creator.

The very first thing to recognise is what is the purpose of the content that you are trying to create?  Whom are you talking to exactly, and what’s the reason they’ll read, watch or listen to you?  I mean, I’m sure you’re interesting enough, but I mean what are you able to offer your audience.  If you don’t have all the answers right at the start, it’s okay.  But, here are a few steps to help you.

What’s the most powerful way to make ourselves heard today?  It’s online content.  Have you noticed how much time the average person spends searching for information online?  It’s more than you might think.  Having more fun with your marketing starts with creating authentic content – and authenticity starts with finding out what’s true and important to you.

One way to help understand what’s important to you, is simply to start creating and listening to feedback from yourself.  With time you start to understand what feels right to you and what doesn’t feel right.

Your audience will give you feedback on your work through comments and questions, and with time you’ll discover what’s both important to you and what your audience loves to read.

Ask yourself, if you could educate, inform or entertain your ideal audience in any way, what would you say?

Attracting Your Ideal Audience

You may already read about how to find your ideal audience and clients.  But ultimately, in order for others to consider your product and to trust you, your audience needs to relate to you.  It’s about about the relationship and trust you have with your audience that really matters.

Imagine stopping someone on the street and asking them if they’ll buy something from you.  It’s unlikely even though they might need what you’re trying to sell.  How do they know if you’re genuine, or if they can trust you at all.  Creating content is about building a relationship with an audience that wants to hear from you.  And your ideal audience will normally share the same values and motivations as you do.

You’ll understand yourself better and clarify your message

It’s only once we put pen on paper, or record a video or audio that we start learning more about ourselves.  We start understanding what’s important to us and understand ourselves much better through channelling our thoughts and ideas into a creative activity.  There’s a practice from the book called “The Artists Way” called Morning Pages which is worth taking a look into.  Here’s an interesting tool for developing the 750 words a day habit.

Your audience will tell you what’s important to them

As a result of putting your content out there freely, your audience will give you feedback on what resonated with them.  You will understand what is important to them and why.  You may receive this feedback through comments, shares or emails.  

Understanding your audience’s’ needs and wants will help you succeed.  People are normally motivated by a problem to solve, or some kind of job that they need done.

Allow your audience to freely say whatever they like about your content and you’ll benefit greatly.

A better chance of getting lucky

As you share more of your thoughts and ideas with everyone, your luck increases.  There’s no chance of any luck if you are not available.  When you make yourself heard you might find coincidences and things that would happen which never would have happened if you never shared your thoughts or ideas.

Gaining Credibility

The more freely you share your knowledge and wisdom without fear, the more credibility and trust you’ll gain with your ideal audience.  It’s an age-old thing.  You’ll be first in mind for your clients and customers as you gain greater word of mouth traction.  They’ll recommend you to their friends and family.

What’s the highest purpose in your work?  It’s always a great question to ask yourself and to remember to always focus on your highest activities.  One of the keys to success that I’ve found to be one of the most powerful practices is to always work on your most important tasks first.  

Really sounds obvious, but in my own experience, this was a kind of a breakthrough.  It’s more important than ever in today’s world where we have so many distractions around us, it’s easy to fall into the trap of focussing on what is not important.  If we always focus on what’s important, and deep down inside we really know what that is, you will gain great rewards from that.

If we focus on any activities that we have going on randomly at any moment, it can be challenging to make any progress at all over time.

Once you’ve chosen what type of content you’d like to commit to creating, and you have some ideas about some starting points.  You’ll need to block off time to spend creating your content.  Think deeply about if there are any distractions or inner feelings on whether it feels right.

Personally, when I started I didn’t feel like I could do it, after a few days trying I’d give up or delete all the work that I’d created feeling that it’s not good enough.  To be able to build your dream content blog or site, you need to be okay with failing to have the perfect content.  Accept that it won’t be perfect to start with, but have the courage to make that first step.

Think about activities that take energy away from you, or take up too much of your time.  By consistently focusing on removing those activities, you’ll free yourself up and find more time and energy to start building content that your audience will love.  Your fans are just waiting for you to create it.

Once you’ve decided that you’ll be creating content for now onwards to build your audience, you’ll want to choose the right format for you.  What do I mean by format?  Perhaps you’re great at writing, or maybe you’re better at making videos or enjoy speaking freely?  Find out what works best for you.

Here are a few steps to help you find out what’s the best format of content for you:

1.  Ask yourself – What type of content will I enjoy creating the most?  Everyone has a preferred type.  I have friends who’d much rather create videos than anything else, while others prefer speaking so they could easily start a podcast.  Experimentation and exploration can help here.

2.  What type of content does your ideal audience enjoy receiving most?  Why not try asking them to find out.  When starting out, it’s important to focus on one type of content format while you start building your audience, if you try doing all the various formats it can be challenging to balance.

3.  Ask yourself, what type of content do you feel most comfortable creating?  For me, it’s been writing, but it could easily have been video or audio or anything else.  You can always expand out later on.

Here are a list of content types you could use:

Writing – Use this format to create blog posts, write facebook posts, articles, ebooks or published books
Audio – Record audio for podcasts, create interviews
Video – This includes webinars, or recording yourself speaking live, online recorded youtube video
Images – Create infographics, illustrations, pictures of your products

Here are some starting points to get your creative juices flowing today!:

1. Content on book reviews

Everyone loves to hear about popular books that they might be considering and would love to hear your opinions are about it.  Try writing a review of your favourite books in your industry/niche and what your thoughts and feelings are about it.  If your audience is naturally inclined to reading books, this is a good way to keep them informed.

If you’re still stuck for ideas, there’s a cool app called blinkist which summarizes books, check it out it could help you think of some new ideas.

2. Sharing your opinion

If you hold a different opinion or angle on a topic in your industry?  Why not try sharing it on a blog post, video or podcast?  It’s a great method to start building your audience and makes interesting content.

3. Interview Content

One great method of creating content is to interview with your favourite authors or influencers in your industry.  When done authentically, these interviews are really fun to make especially when you’re genuinely interested in the person you are interviewing.  This type of content works really well with in an audio or video format.  Here are a few tips to prepare you for your interview:

Understand your topic well ahead of the interview
– Take time to research if necessary your interviewee and the subject
– Think about how the topic will benefit you and your viewers/listeners
– Spend time thinking about how you can both you and your audience will gain
– Brainstorm questions to ask them.  I always use a brainstorming method when I need new ideas, the same goes for your interview.  Put everything down on paper, then from your brainstorm list choose 5-10 best questions you’ll ask.
– Be flexible, sometimes the most memorable interviews go off course into unplanned territory!

4. How-to content

People love reading how-to types of content.  In fact, there’s very popular site called http://www.wikihow.com/ which is just based on how to do various things.  Think about if this will be popular for your niche and if you’d enjoy writing such articles.  When you go into more detail about your ‘how to’ topic, your audience will appreciate it.

5. You Favourite Resources/Links

Another place to start is by gathering resources, books or helpful links that you’ve personally found useful and putting them together into a piece of content.  People love having a valuable centralised list of links.  The people whom you link to will love receiving new traffic, and also it brings about good karma as it builds up your credibility too.

What challenges do we face when creating content?  There are quite a few things that can hold us back to creating better content.  I’ve put a few steps here to start with and keep in mind for getting better at content creating activities.

  • Forming a good habit.  Some say our day to day lives are simply just a bunch of habits.  If we want to create a new habit, we may need to let go of some old habits that we not helping us.  The key to creating new good habits is to start small, and being consistent.  Often we start out too strict, and then we go loose after a few days.  Try starting in a flexible, compassionate way without being too strict with yourself, and most importantly try to enjoy the process.  Challenge yourself to see if you can build up to a row of days of a good habits.
  • Overcoming the fear of failure and not looking good.  In order to get good at any creative activity, from speaking and designing to writing and making videos, we first need to be okay with doing it wrong at first and making lots of mistakes.  Only then we can start to get better at it.
  • Kickstart Your Productivity.  The pomodoro technique is a great method that can help you kickstart your productivity.  This is especially helpful if you have lots of distractions, and let’s face it, who doesn’t?  I like using the Focus Keeper app as a timer on my phone or if you prefer an online timer, try the tomato timer

In an ideal world, once you’ve created your content it will be immediately discovered and distributed everywhere.  And if you happen to be famous, you may not need to focus much on promoting your content.  In reality, we need to share it freely for it to be discovered and for our ideal audience to discover us and benefit from the content.

Sharing is a crucial step to make it as an authentic content creator and to achieving true success for your carefully crafted piece of content.

Here are two things to keep in mind when sharing your content:

  1. Learn from other’s in your niche and the networks they share on, where does your ideal audience spend their time and energy?
  2. Which channel is most obvious for your type of content?  And is it possible to share on more than one network?

Where to go from here:

One opportunity for marketing your products and services authentically is to start by creating content for your ideal audience.  This has several advantages including gaining greater credibility, attracting ideal clients and to understand yourself and clarifying your message.

Think about what type of content you’ll love creating most, from writing to videos and podcasts.  Ask where your audience spends their time to reach them more efficiently.

Initially, you may not have an ideal audience for your content, but it will build up gradually and if you’re consistent, your audience will actually look forward to your content.  Share your content on the most suitable social networks to gain traction.

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- Discover How to Turn Your PASSION Into Your LIVELIHOOD

- Have more FUN in your Business & Life

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