Meet Aneesh Alidina

Hi, thanks for being here, I’m so grateful to you!

I’m Aneesh Alidina and for the past five years, I’ve been helping individuals create clarity around their ideas and passions to build authentic, joyful and meaningful businesses.

Here, on my site, I focus on sharing down-to-earth, quality content and I also ask deeper questions to help my readers discover work they’d truly love to do, which ultimately leads to a greater positive impact in the world.

My Mission

To serve the maximum number of people by sharing my knowledge generously, providing the best tools and practical coaching to help individuals achieve authentic success in their businesses and lives.


Having worked with some of the world’s leading corporates such as UBS, Credit Suisse, BT Group as a consultant, I often used to catch the “red-eye” flight between London & New York.

In 2012, I decided to leave a corporate career and I set myself a goal to start my own business and work with individuals and small businesses.

The reason I was that I wanted to find greater freedom and happiness working for myself.  Although my initial attempt at following my dreams ended up with lots of things not going to plan.

So, how did that happen? Any limited success I had achieved was met with more dissatisfaction and emptiness which ultimately led the search elsewhere.

My goal which looked so simple at first became the source of grief.  Eventually, it made way for something much greater as I started to look elsewhere and within myself and my beliefs.

I thought I was on a journey of finding my passion, but it turned out that I was trying to find myself.  With some guidance, I was eventually able to overcome my obstacles and be grateful for the simplest of things in life that are so easily taken for granted.

I developed greater peace of mind, enjoying a smile or being in nature.  Any wisdom gained through the process had transformed my perspective and changed my values.


I am grateful to the core of my being to have been introduced to Aneesh as he made our time together so much fun as well as highly imaginative. Truly listening to what I wanted and was always able to show me not only what I wanted but other options that I had not even thought about! He has such an incredible vision and radiates positive energy. I felt deeply inspired and motivated after each session. Everyone that has seen my website has responded with a “Wow!”.

Mei Wan

CEO, MeiWellness

I’ve really enjoyed working with Aneesh on our revamped website.  He is considerate and goes the extra mile.  He takes pride in the quality of his work.  He takes the time to understand the needs of the client.  I would definitely work with him again.
Khyati Kapai

CEO, Yzer Solutions

Just updated our website so please take a look.  Aneesh has done an amazing job.
Leith Brown

CEO, BMindful

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